Wine that Pairs Perfectly with your Favourite Netflix Series

Netflix and chill? More like, Netflix and refill. 

What could be more relaxing than simultaneously sinking into your couch and a good glass of wine, while watching your most recent Netflix addiction? Nothing. 

Here I’ve compiled a list of wines that will pair perfectly with some of the most popular, binge-worthy Netflix series.

Stranger things.jpg

                                                                        Stranger Things & Syrah/Shiraz

When I think Stranger Things, I think something big, dramatic and unpredictable. Syrah is a wine that will keep you on your toes. It has a wide range of flavours that change dramatically, depending on where it is grown; from dark berry, spicy, to smoky bacon and olive flavours, this wine will take you to a whole other dimension.



Scandal & Cabernet Franc

How can this show not make you want to pour yourself a big glass of red wine? I think there are more scenes of Olivia Pope with wine than without (she is my spirit animal). Because Olivia basically lives on the wine and popcorn diet (#health), this show requires a red wine that will pair well with popcorn. I think Cabernet Franc plays really well. Its subtle fruit characters will really be brought out by the saltiness of the popcorn, which also complements its more pronounced savoury notes - like roasted red pepper and chili pepper. Furthermore, its higher tannin and acidity will help cleanse the palate of that fatty, buttery texture. Like my favourite female lead, this wine is not to be underestimated.


Riverdale & Rosé

I’m not sure if anyone feels the same nostalgia that I feel when watching this show — throw back to those Archie comic spinoffs, such as Archie’s Weird Mysteries. At the ripe age of 22, this show really takes me back to my youth... and what could be as fresh, youthful and fun as Rosé? It’s arguably the most popular wine among millennials (hello, millennial pink!), and you can bet this show is, too.


mad men.jpg

Mad Men & Oregon Pinot Noir

What says 'American dream' better than American wine? Classy, yet unpretentious and develops beautifully with age — I’m honestly not sure if I’m referring to Pinot Noir or Jon Hamm. Like the (m)ad man, Pinot takes tons of influence from its surrounding environment, and in turn, is very attractive to consumers (evidently, one of the most popular wines). Furthermore, it goes down smooth as single-malt scotch.


grace and frankie.jpg

Grace and Frankie & Riesling

This show is proof that things only get better with age. Grace and Frankie are two vybrant (inside joke) women who, despite their age, are really in the prime of their lives. They maintain a youthful sense of humour and fun, and don’t take life too seriously. A wine that is just as feel-good as this show: Riesling. It ages just as well, while maintaining a youthful, vibrant character.


the crown.jpg

The Crown & Champagne

If your mind doesn’t go to Champagne when you think of large banquet dinners at Buckingham Palace, then I'm not convinced you’ve tried Champagne. When I think of champagne, I think elegance - fit for a Queen. I did some research into what the Royal family might be cellaring these days, and it turns out the Queen is not a big drinker…. However, the late Queen Mother was said to have had an impressive drink schedule, averaging about 4 drinks per day. Her alleged dinner drink: Veuve Clicquot. Try a non-vintage champagne, or look for a small producer for great value, or look outside of Champagne for great sparkling alternatives: Crémant, Blanc de blancs, Cava, etc.

big mouth.jpg

Big Mouth & New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

A show that is not for the faint of heart: truly shocking, zippy, racy, funny and blatantly honest. Like this show, New Zealand Sauv Blanc will really grab your attention, with citrusy, tropical fruit aromas that hit you right in the face. It has zesty, refreshing acidity and some cheeky herbal undertones that will catch you off-guard — like green bell pepper, grass or jalapeño. 


black mirroir.jpg

Black Mirror & Orange Wine

I really struggled to think of a wine that would pair with this show. What could be as twisted, bizarre, and puzzling, as well as imaginative and innovative? Orange wine is the Black Mirror of wines. It’s strange and interesting, is sure to bend your mind and raise some hairs. Both thrillers; both very on trend.